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Helpful tips to avoid damaging your carpets

Being a carpet owner, the sight of stains and marks of indented furniture is such a sore in the eyes. As much as possible, you want to keep your carpets neat without stains, dirt, noticeable foot traffic, and soils from shoes.

If you had it professionally cleaned, the first thing that you want to do is to take note of how you can preserve your carpets’ great quality for a long time.

These are important tips to protect your carpets from severe damage:

Stay out of heavy furniture

Placing your furniture on top of your carpets is a one-way ticket of destroying your carpets so easily. Due to this, noticeable markings may be seen on your carpets that are inevitably difficult to flatten out.

Another thing to protect your carpet is to avoid dragging furnishings across your rugs as this may cause ripples and wrinkles that may leave permanent damage on your carpet.

Stay out of our heavy furnishings on your carpets and consider alternatives before moving your furniture from one place to another.

Periodic cleaning of carpets

Keeping your carpets neat and clean is important to protect your rugs from significant damage. Vacuum cleaning is an important step to keep the dirt away. You will see the hidden filth trapped underneath its fibres while cleaning your rugs.

If you have problems with staining, it is better to have a full understanding as to what type of fabric your carpet has and purchase safe stain protectants to remove the smudges easily.

Regular cleaning of carpets at least once or twice a week is important to keep away from dust, stains, and soils. In this way, you will not only save up your money, but you always get to avoid serious health problems that you may encounter.

Placing of rugs

Putting rugs on top of your carpets actually helps in preventing marks and dents. High foot traffic is also avoided as the rugs will serve as a top coating to secure your luxurious carpet underneath. Make sure that the rugs that you will place resemble the colour and style of your carpets.

Leave no moisture

Moisture can result to mould growth that is known to severely affect the quality of your carpets. It is important to use drying equipment that is effective to make sure that there are no water or moisture left behind.

However, the water also comes from severe flooding due to heavy rain or broken pipelines, so make sure to have it checked professionally when you experience massive flooding to preserve your carpets.

As much as possible, you do not want to manage the flooding all by yourself. But if you can pull out the carpet, do it carefully to prevent further damage to inflict.