Our team can help you fix your wavy carpet. We have a power stretcher tool that can easily refit your carpet within the day.

Our team can do the repairs even on same day services. We can flawlessly repair your parched and loose carpet at any time of the day. We are highly experienced in this type of carpet repairs.

We guarantee every task that we provide and ensure that your carpet is repaired properly. Our team assures that you are satisfied with the job by doing it carefully.

Not necessarily. You can move it to the other side when needed.

It depends on your room size. It may take less than or more than an hour.

It must be re-stretch first before you can have your whole carpet cleaned by professionals.

Wrinkles, waves, bubbles, and ripples get a duller look because of foot traffic. You can have it clean by professionals once we are done stretching your carpet.

You may accidentally rip your carpet or any other additional damages if not done by professionals. We suggest you hire certified technicians to properly re-stretch your carpet.

We remove the damaged part and replace it with a new patch that is similar to your carpet's textile.

Yes, we do have. If in case we don't have any available patches at hand, we'll cut a small piece from the unnoticed section of your carpet.

You can't tell that your carpet has even a patched on it. We properly glue the patch on the affected part making it look like nothing has happened.

We can mend your carpet seams within the day and ensure you unnoticeable results.

Our technicians are licensed to provide any types of carpet repairs. They provide high-quality restoration and satisfactory results.

Our professional team is flexible in fixing your carpet. We can fix any type of carpet material as long as it is still repairable.

Our team ensures that the patch does match your carpet. We can assure you that the patchworks won't be visible.